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Studentships for the Doctoral Training Partnership are organised around three pillars:

There are a minimum of 12 studentships available each year, supported by the Natural Environment Council, and augmented by typically 5 studentships from the Doctoral Training Partnership of the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, and the National Oceanography Centre.

Each studentship is funded for 3½ years with possible extension up to 4 years in very exceptional circumstances.

Students who wish to propose their own research topic may do so, but should contact a prospective supervisor first. A project description similar to the ones shown in this website should be submitted with the application, and the prospective supervisor should alert the DTP Administrator julie.samson@manchester.ac.uk about the proposal.

Application deadlines are as follows:

Earth and Environmental Sciences - 19th January 2018

Atmospheric Sciences - 2nd February 2018

Ocean Sciences  - 2nd February 2018

Interviews will take place on 22nd February 2018 for Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, and Earth Science projects based in Liverpool, and on 23rd February 2018 for Earth & Environmental Science projects based in Manchester.